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Bethany Lutheran Church & Early Childhood Ministry - Saginaw, MI

(989) 793-9579
5051 McCarty Road
(at the corner of Center & McCarty)

Saginaw, MI  48603


Worship Schedule & Style

Palm Sunday, Passion week and Easter Services

Please see a schedule of our services on our Upcoming Events page
by clicking here.


Our Weekly Worship Is Sunday Morning

9:00 am Bible Classes for all ages
(currently on break until Jan 20th)

10:00 am Worship

11:00 am refreshments & fellowship

 Welcome to our Sunday mornings...
  • Bible Classes, 9:00-9:45 am Arrive a few minutes early to grab some coffee or bottled water available before, during and after this Bible Class time. 
  • Transition Time, 9:45 – 10:00 am As Bible classes finish and other worshippers arrive, coffee and bottled water will be available as we prepare for worship. Those just arriving for worship are encouraged to come early, grab some coffee and catch the end of one of our two adult classes being held in the Sanctuary or Fellowship Hall. Yes, it’s absolutely OK to hang jackets, sign the communion register, grab a drink, and “mill around” in the back of the Bible class as class is finishing up. Like a family gathered for Thanksgiving dinner, we’ll overcome our lack of space by embracing the exciting stir and hum that accompanies the gathering and preparing for worship—after all, we are the family God weekly preparing to feast on the saving gospel!
  • Worship, 10:00 – 11:00 am
  • Refreshments & Fellowship at 11:00 am. We invite you to linger after worship to enjoy some refreshments and friendship, hosted in our Fellowship Hall.

What to expect in worship...
Youngsters can pick up a Children’s Bulletin and crayons on the way into worship. 

Children’s Church is a special time in the middle of the Sunday worship service --during the time of Pastor's sermon-- when children (3 years old to 1st grade) are invited to leave the service, to participate in a Bible class especially designed for them.
  • Here’s how it works. 1) All children begin worship sitting with their families. 2) Just before the sermon, Pastor will announce the start of Children’s Church and give instructions about it. 3) Children may exit worship during the signing of the Presermon hymn. 4) After the sermon, when it’s time for the Children’s Sermon held by Pastor at the altar, the children will be brought back into the sanctuary so they can attend it. 5) After the Children’s Sermon, the children return to sitting with their parents for the remainder of the service. This format helps parents help their children become accustomed to worship etiquette for shorter durations of time, while allowing Mom’s and Dad’s to give their full attention to the sermon.
  • Staffed Nursery during Children’s Church And during the same time as the Children’s Church, we also offer a staffed nursery for toddlers who are 1 and 2 years old.

A Children's Sermon is also offered in our Sunday morning services. Pastor Mike invites children to sit with him at the alter when he presents uses an object to illustrate a truth from the day's sermon. This object lesson brings God's truth down to the learning level of young people. We want our children to know that worship is important for them. We also want to plant Biblical truths into the hearts of our youngest worshippers.

A weight-lifting plate gathers attention at a Children's Sermon.

Our path of worship uses a liturgical format to give our worship services a user-friendly and interactive framework. At the same time we adapt the liturgies to serve our purposes of providing a blended worship service that speaks to both young and old, long-time member and brand-new visitor. A worship folder guides members and visitors from one step to another during worship as we cherish and explore the truths of Scripture. To enhance our worship various parts of the service are illuminated on our Projection Screen. Songs, readings, illustrative photos and maps may be projected to aid our worship and to enrich the sermons.
Projection Screen in use during a Christian Band concert by Koine Band.
Both Greeters and Ushers are stationed at the doors to greet you and hand you a worship folder. Hymnals are found in the rack in front of every pew. Parents with young children are invited to sit toward the back if this feels more comfortable for you. Our pastor will explain what is about to happen as we progress through the worship service, to make our services even more visitor friendly. And as our guest for the day, please know that we don't expect our guests to give an offering-- and we even explain this in our worship folder.

Below is a reprint from our worship folder that welcomes visitors into our worship services...

     Welcome! God defines a church as people gathering around Word and Sacrament. As you join us in this gathering, we pray that the peace and power of Jesus, from his cross-scarred hands, will shower you with blessings.
      A large print version of this worship folder is available from an usher. Please ask! Friendship Cards may be found in the pew rack. Please join our members in filling one out with information you feel comfortable sharing with us. You may place the card into the offering plate during the offering. Restrooms with changing tables are located down the hallway that leads away from the entrance into worship. (As you pass the kitchen, the restrooms are on your left.) Parents with young children may use the Fellowship Hall for calming and composing. This open area adjacent the kitchen is opposite the door into worship. A speaker system keeps you connected to the service. And we offer a Children’s Sermon when our pastor invites children to join him at the altar.
     Our Sunday worship also offers the following. Children’s Church coincides with the Sermon segment of worship: children 3 years old to 1st grade may exit into the  Fellowship Hall for a special Bible lesson. (They re-enter worship for the Children’s Sermon and then return to their parents for the rest of worship.) A Nursery for toddlers 1-2 years old also coincides with the Sermon segment of worship. To participate, a parent personally presents a child to our staff in the Fellowship Hall.
     Whether infants, children, teens or adults-- we’re eager for everyone to receive one blessing after another at worship. This is why all are welcome here at Bethany!

Fellowship and refreshments after worship.
Bible Study & Building Friendships

After worshipping with us on Sundays, we always offer some refreshments and light foods for snacking. This not just to please our appetites, but to satisfy our inborn appetite for conversation and building friendships.

We also invite you to arrive early, before worship, and join us at 9:00 am when we offer Bible Classes for all ages. We offer classes for those from 3 years old to 103 years old. And whenever we're aware that there are parents who wish to attend Bible Classes, who have toddlers 1 or 2 years old, we offer Child Care for these toddlers. Because of the growth the Savior is giving our congrgation, offering Child Care during Bible Class time is becoming more the routine than the exception. But we invite you to email or phone our office for more information.

Finally, don't forget to let our pastor know how to contact you if you have any questions about our congregation. He makes house calls and coffee shop calls... and will be happy to seek a time convenient for you to meet together. And there are no obiligations or strings attached for having a sit down with him. Since our theology teaches that God gets his work done in his own way, there's also no salesman-type of pressure. So please don't hesitate to leave your contact information.
We hope to see you soon. And in the meantime, if you'd like to check out our pastor's teaching style, take a look at his weekly emailed devotions by clicking here: Viewpoints archive. ♦♦♦
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