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Science Fails the Virgin Birth

It wasn’t long ago that the scientific community was warning how our world was rapidly running out of fossil fuels. This dire prediction became conventional wisdom. In fact, for many years our government adopted national policies based on this science.

Well, that science was wrong.

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The Naked Truth about Political Correctness

Some Biblical truths are so obvious, even an athiest sees them!

What if, because I feel so passionate about helping the sick, I rent an office, wear a stethoscope and begin treating patients, because I identify myself as a medical doctor? No matter how passionate I may feel that I am an doctor, I will be in trouble with the law for impersonating a MD. The only way that I may escape the penalty for practicing medicine without a license, is if authorities conclude that I'm delusional and disconnected from reality. Then I will be treated for mental illness, because I identify myself as a doctor.

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How to Turn the Wantonness of Gay Marriage into a Witness for Christ

Overview When it comes to the issue of legalizing gay marriage, we need to ask three fundamental questions. Why have governments incentivized and encouraged traditional marriage for over 2,000 years? Why would our country break this historical trend by de-incentivizing traditional marriage, and make a change that flies into the face of today’s scientific research? And, who (or what) is really behind the quest to legalize gay marriage?

Introduction: Sometimes the Wrong Questions are asked and Tragedy goes Undetected.

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The Association of Sleep, Food and Attitude

The curse of sin upon our world creates some dismaying ripple effects. The association of sleep, food and attitude is one such ripple effect that can become a detriment to a healthy life.

If we eat the wrong foods at the wrong time, it can inhibit our sleep. Inhibited sleep can leave us feeling groggy and craving a high-glucose fix (foods containing high amounts of sugars or carbohydrates). Over time, if this cycle is repeated, it tends to add unwanted pounds, leading to further possibilities of sleep disruption. By adding weight around the middle, we increase the conditions that can cause sleep disturbance. Sleep apnea is not the only detriment to quality sleep!

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Evolution's Internal Conflicts Are Resolved in the Bible

In my corresponding Viewpoint article (Why Evolutionists Fear Debate) I report on how evolutionist Dr. Giberson was critical that Bill Nye “the Science Guy” would publicly debate creationist Ken Ham. Giberson anguished: “[Nye’s] climbing on stage with Ham to debate the credibility of biological evolution [gives] the mistaken impression that there actually is a debate about evolution.”

Dr. Giberson’s criticism was published in a Huffington Post article entitled: “Ham-on-Nye Debate: 'Anti-Science Guy' Automatically Wins.” And in the opinion of some evolutionists, Dr. Giberson’s fears came true at the 2/4/2014 debate: Nye failed to win.

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The Other Twenty

Twenty-eight people, including the perpetrator, died in Newton, CT on December 14th.  May our prayers continue to seek our Savior’s help on behalf of everyone dealing with the evil of this horrible crime that claimed the lives of twenty young children attending Sandy Hook Elementary School.

And let us also not forget about the other 20 children who died on December 14th. You didn’t hear about them in the media because they weren’t killed while in their classrooms. They were killed while in their mother’s wombs, which is legal in our country.  On the same day of the shooting, twenty babies old enough to live outside the womb, had their lives snuffed out by abortions. If the world is going to suffer the loss of 20 children killed in their classrooms— future lawyers, firemen, nurses (maybe even the Noble Peace Prize winner for curing cancer)— then how is the world not also going to suffer the loss of the other 20 children?

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Murder Her Baby?

Murder Her Baby?

This article was updated on 4-23-2016 with additional quotes from Camille Paglia, an athiest who serves as a professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

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The Perils of Predicting the Last Day

Some people in Annapolis, MD thought that the world was coming to an end a few hours earlier than predicted.

Since Friday, December 21st was the end of the Mayan calendar, some claimed that the Mayans had predicted Friday would be the end of the world. So when two power lines servicing Annapolis went down, showering the night sky with a light show, some people feared it was the beginning of the end.

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Christianity and the Muslim Menace

In the early 1970’s Jesus Christ Superstar hit the stage in New York. The rock opera depicts Jesus as a bitter, defeated, sinful man. It suggests he had an affair with Mary. And it casts Judas as a man of principles and wisdom, while the rest Christ’s disciples are the opposite.

JCSS not only blasphemed the Christian faith with its debut run in the 1970’s, it has continued to be recast on various stages and the silver screen these last four decades (a remake just finished a Broadway run this past July). But throughout these past four decades, I cannot find evidence where Christians rioted in large groups in the streets, or of demonstrations that hurt or killed people.

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The Logic Behind Childbirth

Europe is worried there’s not enough baby-making happening. Already in 2005, the Chancellor’s family minister warned that Germany was "turning the light out" if its birth rate did not pick up. Germany is not the only European nation to be concerned. To urge an uptick in the birth rate…

  • Sweden offers higher pay for women and flexible work hours for parents.
  • France has a series of tax and cash incentives for women who have babies.
  • Poland has legislated direct payments from the government to women who bear children.

Mark Steyn, author of the 2006 best seller “America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It,” wrote about Europe’s low birth rate: “These countries are going out of business.”

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