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January 2013

The Other Twenty

Twenty-eight people, including the perpetrator, died in Newton, CT on December 14th.  May our prayers continue to seek our Savior’s help on behalf of everyone dealing with the evil of this horrible crime that claimed the lives of twenty young children attending Sandy Hook Elementary School.

And let us also not forget about the other 20 children who died on December 14th. You didn’t hear about them in the media because they weren’t killed while in their classrooms. They were killed while in their mother’s wombs, which is legal in our country.  On the same day of the shooting, twenty babies old enough to live outside the womb, had their lives snuffed out by abortions. If the world is going to suffer the loss of 20 children killed in their classrooms— future lawyers, firemen, nurses (maybe even the Noble Peace Prize winner for curing cancer)— then how is the world not also going to suffer the loss of the other 20 children?

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Murder Her Baby?

Murder Her Baby?

This article was updated on 4-23-2016 with additional quotes from Camille Paglia, an athiest who serves as a professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

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