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February 2012

The Logic Behind Childbirth

Europe is worried there’s not enough baby-making happening. Already in 2005, the Chancellor’s family minister warned that Germany was "turning the light out" if its birth rate did not pick up. Germany is not the only European nation to be concerned. To urge an uptick in the birth rate…

  • Sweden offers higher pay for women and flexible work hours for parents.
  • France has a series of tax and cash incentives for women who have babies.
  • Poland has legislated direct payments from the government to women who bear children.

Mark Steyn, author of the 2006 best seller “America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It,” wrote about Europe’s low birth rate: “These countries are going out of business.”

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Our Pro-Abortion President

[Digging deeper by looking back to March 2009.]

In the 2008 election, our nation elected an rabid supporter of abortion. Why? Simply stated, pro-Life issues took a back seat  to economic issues among voters who attend church services regularly (the values voters group).

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