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June 2015

How to Turn the Wantonness of Gay Marriage into a Witness for Christ

Overview When it comes to the issue of legalizing gay marriage, we need to ask three fundamental questions. Why have governments incentivized and encouraged traditional marriage for over 2,000 years? Why would our country break this historical trend by de-incentivizing traditional marriage, and make a change that flies into the face of today’s scientific research? And, who (or what) is really behind the quest to legalize gay marriage?

Introduction: Sometimes the Wrong Questions are asked and Tragedy goes Undetected.

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The Association of Sleep, Food and Attitude

The curse of sin upon our world creates some dismaying ripple effects. The association of sleep, food and attitude is one such ripple effect that can become a detriment to a healthy life.

If we eat the wrong foods at the wrong time, it can inhibit our sleep. Inhibited sleep can leave us feeling groggy and craving a high-glucose fix (foods containing high amounts of sugars or carbohydrates). Over time, if this cycle is repeated, it tends to add unwanted pounds, leading to further possibilities of sleep disruption. By adding weight around the middle, we increase the conditions that can cause sleep disturbance. Sleep apnea is not the only detriment to quality sleep!

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