Murder Her Baby?

This article was updated on 4-23-2016 with additional quotes from Camille Paglia, an athiest who serves as a professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

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She wasn’t expecting this baby. And now a young lady is greatly troubled. If her unplanned pregnancy happened today, the odds are incredibly high that she would murder her baby.1

But the young lady I have in mind knew that the change happening inside her was not “a blob of tissue.” So Mary did not harm the baby and gave birth to Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

You kept reading this far, even though I used the word “murder” to describe an abortion? Wow. Either you are a seeker of truth, or perhaps are mad enough “to see to what depths I will go to ‘vilify’ the pro-abortion viewpoint.” But if you’re upset with my using the M-word, please know that I’m only borrowing the same word used by the pro-abortion advocates. Stunned? Let me say it again: pro-abortion advocates admit that abortion is murder.

When I began in the ministry some twenty years ago, I believed that even those who hated the Bible’s revelation that human life begins with fertilization would see the light of truth when medical science advanced enough to show people what happens in the” secret place” (Psalm 139:50). Well, that day has come and gone.

And there are still approximately 3,700 abortions each day in America 2, making abortion one of the most common medical procedures in the United States. 3

So if medical science clearly shows what Scripture has long taught-- that abortion is the killing of an unborn baby-- what excuse can be given for committing such murder? Selfishness. Cold-blooded, arrogant selfishness!

When it became legal in 1973, abortion was characterized as simply the removal of unwanted tissue, according to its advocates. They readily admitted that if it could be ascertained that this so-called “blob of tissue” was actually a life then they would understand its protection. Today the abortion-rights advocate whistles a different tune. In the September 10, 2008, issue of “The Salon,” an Internet news and opinion website, columnist Camille Paglia wrote:

“Hence I have always frankly admitted that abortion is murder, the extermination of the powerless by the powerful. Liberals for the most part have shrunk from facing the ethical consequences of their embrace of abortion, which results in the annihilation of concrete individuals and not just clumps of insensate tissue…”

Ms. Paglia echoed the words of Naomi Wolf who argued in October 1995 (New Republic magazine) that she and others of her ilk should accept that in abortion a real life is lost. She went on to call abortion a sad but necessary evil in the interest of a mother’s right of autonomy. 4

So the public advocates of abortion are not stupid to the medical facts after all. Instead, they’re so steeped in selfishness, murder is a “necessary evil” of the powerful to annihilate powerless babies.

That supporters of abortion can no longer deny that abortion terminates a baby's life, without lying to themselves in a great act of hypocrisy, is also Paglia's assessment. In the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, the subject of abortion surfaced, and with it the question of whether one can admit that a pregnant mother is carrying a baby. Paglia calls out the hypocracy when she writes:

There are abundant contradictions in liberal feminism that supports abortion yet opposes capital punishment. The violence intrinsic to abortion cannot be wished away by magical thinking. As I wrote: “Abortion pits the stronger against the weaker, and only one survives.” My program is more ideologically consistent, because I vigorously support abortion but also call for the death penalty for horrific crimes such as political assassination or serial rape-murder. However, the ultimate issue in the abortion debate is that, in a modern democracy, law and government must remain neutral toward religion, which cannot impose its expectations or values on non-believers.

In an in-depth piece in the Boston Globe two years ago, Ruth Graham summarizes one view of the controversial emerging concept of fetal rights in cases where a pregnant woman has been attacked or killed: “It is progressives who have historically pushed to expand civil rights, yet who now find themselves concerned about the expansion of rights to fetuses.” Progressives need to do some soul-searching about their reflex rhetoric in demeaning the pro-life cause. A liberal credo that is variously anti-war, anti-fur, vegan, and committed to environmental protection of endangered species like the sage grouse or spotted owl should not be so stridently withholding its imagination and compassion from the unborn.5

Do you see what I see? I thought it was Political Correctness run amuck that demands that the Christ-child be removed from this festive time of year, rejecting “Merry Christmas” for the more generic “Happy Holidays.” Now I wonder how often Political Correctness is used as a mask for the pro-abortion crowd. Although the theme of Christmas is God incarnate (the Creator came into flesh and became one of his human creatures) to save the world from sin and death, one of the important sub-themes of Christmas is God providing Mary with the faith to receive his strength and stamina to bring to full term an unplanned pregnancy. This is certainly a message Ms. Paglia and Ms. Wolf apparently wish to terminate.

How ironic! If they were Mary, the unplanned baby Ms. Paglia and Ms. Wolf would seemingly murder as “a sad but necessary evil in the interest of a mother’s right of autonomy” is the very baby who came into the world to wash away all their sins, and bring them into a perfect home where selfless love has no end.

That Jesus came into the world to pay for the sins of his enemies becomes for us the news of great joy, because we realize that our sins are just as hostile towards Jesus as the sins of Ms. Paglia and Ms. Wolf. The difference is that God has granted us faith. And through faith in Christ, you and I have the forgiveness of sins that swells up in our greeting others with a joyful and most meaningful “Merry Christmas.” 

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Originally published 12-11-2008. Republished in connection with 1-10-2013 Viewpoints, The Other Twenty

1 The abortion ratio for unmarried women is 510 abortions for every 1,000 live births.



4“The Lives We Touch” by Pastor Robert Fleischmann, p. 5 (Clearly Caring, Nov/Dec 2008)

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