Twenty-eight people, including the perpetrator, died in Newton, CT on December 14th.  May our prayers continue to seek our Savior’s help on behalf of everyone dealing with the evil of this horrible crime that claimed the lives of twenty young children attending Sandy Hook Elementary School.

And let us also not forget about the other 20 children who died on December 14th. You didn’t hear about them in the media because they weren’t killed while in their classrooms. They were killed while in their mother’s wombs, which is legal in our country.  On the same day of the shooting, twenty babies old enough to live outside the womb, had their lives snuffed out by abortions. If the world is going to suffer the loss of 20 children killed in their classrooms— future lawyers, firemen, nurses (maybe even the Noble Peace Prize winner for curing cancer)— then how is the world not also going to suffer the loss of the other 20 children?

The other 20 children are those babies, who if they had been born, would have received the routine medical attention of a caring neonatal staff. Instead they were aborted. Statistically speaking, every day in America, 20 babies who are 24 weeks or older are aborted 365 days a year.* I’m surprised that in a culture like this, that devalues human life so routinely, we don’t see even more violence against humanity.

Oh, wait. We do. I already mentioned the abortions of those 24 weeks old or older, but there are more. A total of 3,315 abortions occur every day in America. That’s 1,210,000 lives that will be snuffed out this year.

Oh, wait. There’s more. This year1 there will also be another 496 people murdered by blunt objects (baseball bats, hammers, etc.). Plus another 726 murdered by someone’s hands, fists, or feet. Plus another 1,694 people murdered by knives. So why quivel about only 100 more people murdered in shootings that claim more than one life at a time?2

As a student of the Bible, it's clear to me how our culture is emotionally manipulated through mass media, which has conditioned us to believe that mass murders by a firearm is the most common method of murder. No, when you re-read the paragraph above you'll see that statistically speaking, your chances of being murdered by a blunt object is 4 times more likely than with a gun. Your being murdered by someone beating you up with punches and kicks is 7 times more likely than with a gun. Your being stabbed to death is 16 times more likely than with a gun. And if you're a baby, your being murdered in an abortion clinic is 12,100 times more likely than with a gun. Yet America has been emotionally manipulated to believe that mass murders by firearms are the biggest threat to life. (Could this be Satan's sinister tactic to steer attention away from the abortion clinic's annual murder of one million two hundred ten babies?) In other words, if people are randomly polled on the streets, most would have an emotional response that points to a firearm as the weapon that claims more lives. Hardly any would point to a knife. But in reality, a knife that's handled by an angry person or in an abortion clinic is used 1,217 times more often to kill people than a gun.

I hope this exercise was eye-opening to you, because it concludes with this important spiritual point: If this is how easily our society can be emotionally manipulated concerning "guns versus knives versus fists," is it any wonder that Satan can influence mass media to warp our society into a culture of death?

As a student of the Bible, it’s clear to me how our culture has been skewed by the schemes of the Evil One, and how humans by nature are slaves to his view of the world. The result is a society that devalues human life. This culture of death manifests itself in ways that befuddle and perplex lawmakers.

For example, in 1976 Washington, DC banned handguns. Guess what happened? For the next 8 years thereafter, murders by handguns increased an average of 25% annually. 1 (25% is massive—imagine a 25% yearly raise on your paycheck, each year, for the next 8 years!) By outlawing handguns this wasn’t supposed to happen. But the DC culture was experiencing a crack cocaine epidemic. And laws can’t fix a sick culture.

So what’s the answer for fixing a skewed worldview that devalues human life and creates a culture of death?

Ultimately the worldview of our culture needs to be changed to one that respects human life. First our society needs to stop lying to itself and acknowledge that abortion terminates the life of a baby, as some pro-abortion leaders have admitted (see Murder Her Baby?).

But the ultimate way of fixing our culture is when it’s a by-product of the Christian faith deepening and spreading to more and more Americans. In other words, when people are confronted with God’s law that leads them to sorrow over their sin and then the good news of Jesus raises them up in joyous faith that their sins are forgiven, such people are equipped with a Christ-centered worldview. A by-product of a Christ-centered worldview is that it puts great value on human life because of the great value God himself put on humans when he gave his one and only Son to be the payment for the sins of the world. Such a worldview is part of the armor of God that protects us from Satan’s evil schemes.  Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms (Ephesians 6:11-12).

Those equipped in Christ to wage this spiritual battle are those, like us, who care for others in the best possible way: we share the good news of Christ’s forgiveness with every heart broken in sorrow over sin and sin’s effects…

  • whether it’s a father despairing over the loss of his child at Sandy Hook,
  •  or it’s a mother secretly drowning in the regrets of aborting her child.

In our care for all people, we will continue to be concerned for the families of the 20 children killed at Sandy Hook, as well as the other 20 children.

*To arrive at the estimate that every day in America there are 20 babies who are 24 weeks old who are aborted, I used the figures provided by the Guttmacher Institute ( Compiling abortion data is difficult for a number of reasons, such as: “California has not complied with CDC requests for abortion data in many years, and since California accounts for more abortions than any other state in the U.S, CDC totals are routinely incomplete” (further explained at ). I believe I’m being conservative by estimating only 20 babies in this age group, but someone acquiring data I don’t have could correct my estimate.

1 “This year…” by assuming FBI statistics from 2011 will be relative to 2013. International and Domestic Gun Control Statistics @

2  No Increase in Mass Shootings by James Alan Fox @, referenced by Matt Pearce @