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Bethany Lutheran Church & Early Childhood Ministry - Saginaw, MI

(989) 793-9579
5051 McCarty Road
(at the corner of Center & McCarty)

Saginaw, MI  48603


Our Mission & Identity
Our Mission Statement

Bethany Lutheran Church exists so that its members, empowered by the love of Christ, may grow together spiritually under the guidance of God's pure word and so that they may share the gospel message with the world as the LORD gives the opportunity.

Our Identity
We are a Christian Lutheran Church of the Wisconsin Ev. Lutheran Synod (WELS).
Christian: We believe in the Triune God, and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who became the Son of Man to be world's one and only Savior. We teach the historic Christian faith, for example, confessing the Apostles and Nicene Creeds.
Lutheran: As Martin Luther taught, so we believe the Bible is God's Word, and that it is verbally inspired and inerrant. We confess that the Bible's teachings are correctly summarized in these words of Martin Luther: "We are saved by grace alone, by faith alone, by Scripture alone."
Wisconsin Synod: Our forefathers first settled in Wisconsin. From there we have grown into a worldwide group of congregations and schools that pledge a unity of faith from the Scriptures. We are the WELS.



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