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Bethany Lutheran Church & Early Childhood Ministry - Saginaw, MI

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5051 McCarty Road
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Saginaw, MI  48603


Beliefs & Teachings
About Bethany

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Beliefs and Teachings

Bethany is where Jesus ascended into heaven while lifting up his cross-scarred hands to bless his followers. Bethany Lutheran of Saginaw was founded by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) in 1953 to spread the blessings Jesus continues to shower from his cross-scarred hands. Our mission is to share these blessings with our members, our community and our world. Our synod's name reflects how our founders began in the state of Wisconsin, a reminder that we are a world-wide church group. As a WELS church we still hold to the teachings of the Bible restored in the Reformation era. We are…

  • a Christ-preaching church. We preach that Jesus is true God, the Son of God who became man, so that through his perfect life and innocent death, He is the prophesied “Lamb of God” who has taken away the sin of the world.
  • a Bible-believing church. We teach that the Bible is the verbally inspired, inerrant Word of God, the only authority for Christian faith and life. We aim to teach God's Word in all its truth and simplicity.
  • an evangelical church. We trust the Bible’s claim that God saves people through the power of the Gospel in the Word and Sacraments. The Gospel is the Good News (the Evangel) about Jesus’ saving work. The WELS has congregations throughout the USA and around the world to share the Evangel, the Bible’s primary message, with all people.
  • a people-caring church. That we’re all sinners equally saved by Jesus’ substitutionary work strips away human judgments and egos. This truth also empowers us to live Jesus’ love for all people by offering friendship, support, and Biblical counseling. Our church family cares about other people-- including you.

Our Preschool exists to help parents in their God-given duty of teaching the Faith to their children: an important aspect of our Church’s plan to grow a comprehensive womb-to tomb ministry that serves souls for eternity.


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