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Bethany Lutheran Church & Early Childhood Ministry - Saginaw, MI

(989) 793-9579
5051 McCarty Road
(at the corner of Center & McCarty)

Saginaw, MI  48603


Bible Studies
Sunday Morning Bible Classes are held from 9:00 - 9:45 am

During the school year, we offer the following classes:
 ♦ Littles (3 years to 2nd grade)
 ♦ Middles (grades 3—6)
 ♦ Pastor Mike's class for teens, collegiates & adults
 ♦ Periodically, pastors and professors who are members of our congregation also teach classes
    in order to offer a menu from which teens, collegiates & adults may choose to attend.

The New Winter Module of Bible Classes begins on Jan 20, 2018.

Bible Information Class (BIC) 
Pastor's "Bible Information Class" answers all those questions you've been longing to know, but unable to ask... until now!

The BIC Class is Pastor's most popular class because it simultaneously offers an in-depth study of the major truths of the Bible while sharing these teachings in an easy-to-follow presentation that's comfortable for all people. Whether someone is brand-new to the Bible, or if someone is an experienced student of the Bible, this class will capture your interest and feed your soul (or as Pastor Mike says, "If the class doesn't meet your needs, just let me know-- no harm, no foul!")

The BIC class covers the core (central) teachings of the Bible. This is in fact the main purpose of the class: to introduce people to the major teachings of the Bible that compose the historic Christian faith. People who wish to explore communicant membership with Bethany also use this class as a way to discover what we teach and believe.

And there are no commitments or obligations for anyone to attend this class (or to attend any of our Bethany Bible classes).

Topics include a study of creation in comparison to evolution; pondering how numerous prophecies written centuries beforehand were fulfilled in the person and life of Jesus Christ; learning what God says about death, the resurrection and heaven; grasping how God inspired different men to write a Bible that's true and inerrant; why baptism and communion are neither magical nor meaningless, but powerful sacraments that "demand faith and give the faith that's demanded." And there's so much more, all of which is explained in an embracing, relevant and interesting style. And all materials are freely supplied.


Private, In-Home Meetings 

Because so many people have difficult schedules and cannot attend a class being held at church in a group setting, Pastor Mike is pleased to offer this class in the convenience of your home, according to your weekly schedule. At their kitchen table or in their living room is how most people are able to attend this class. Not only does this allow for flexibility in scheduling classes, it allows people to ask questions of the pastor that they may not feel comfortable asking in front of other people. Please request an in-home visit and a sample of how this class is taught. To do so, simply call, text or email Pastor Mike to set up a sample class in the convenience of your home!

Thinking about asking for a trial, personal class? Send a quick note here:

During a private, in-home BIC class
 the cat naps on a Bible while watching the lesson on pastor's laptop.

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