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Pastor Mike Nitz
Bethany Lutheran
Saginaw, MI  48603
Archive of Viewpoints
Archive of Viewpoints

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Sleep Well ♦ March 6, 2013
The TB in Los Angeles makes it difficult for some to sleep. Here's a ancient cure!

Food, Sleep & Attitude ♦ February 26, 2013
The correlation between eating physically and spiritually, and how ready you are for life.

Concealed Carry Scriptures ♦ February 15, 2013
Concealed from our sight are people armed with a powerful weapon... on their smartphone.

Follow Jesus, Not Impulses ♦ February 8, 2013
Impulsive behavior gets us in trouble. Following the Lord safeguards us from bad impulses.

So What If Abortion Kills? ♦ January 30, 2013
A pro-abortion supporter admits the truth, but struggles with consequences. She needs what we have!

Unintended Consequences ♦ January 18, 2013
To fix unintended consequences, more laws get passed, feeding the cycle. How different with Christ!

The Other Twenty ♦ January 10, 2013
Twenty children were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary. Did you hear about the other twenty killed?

The End of the Mayan Calendar ♦ December 22, 2012
The end of the world will be a joyful surprise for those who know and love the Babe of Bethlehem.

Comfort for Connecticut ♦ December 15, 2012
Who can comfort those so hurt, they refuse to be comforted? He who came at Christmas.

Auroral Advent Lights ♦ December 6, 2012
Strange phenomena set the nightscape ablaze. But don't be afaid. It's the season of advent.

A True Model ♦ November 29, 2012
Leaving our youthful thinking behind and maturing... it's a matter of life.

Whom To Thank? ♦  November 22, 2012 | Thanksgiving
Roy feels thankful. But he wants to know whom to thank. Are you more like Roy than you realize?

Assured Clear Distance ♦ November 16, 2012
For the surge of impatient drivers fighting holiday traffic, we need spiritual assistance.

Prayers Denied? ♦  November 8, 2012
In spite of earnest prayers offered to heaven, the returns we long for aren’t good. Now what?

Appearing OK ♦ November 1, 2012
We can fool ourselves into thinking we're OK when we appear OK to others. Let's get real.

October Surpise ♦ October 26, 2012
Will there be a surprise news item that greatly affects the election? Guess who knows for sure!

Hot Potato Realty ♦ October 15, 2012
Is the City of Jerusalem essential to the security of Christ's Kingdom?

Christ and Muslims ♦ September 19, 2012
From Egypt to Libya's terrorist attack: violent riots are erupting in Muslim lands. What's the deal?

Reading the (Last Day) Signs ♦ September 13, 2012
God's provided warning signs for the people of earth. Are we reading them rightly?

Guessing About Illness ♦ September 6, 2012
Doctors sometimes guess, and they're wrong. God gives baptism to take away our guessing.

Your Lifeguard ♦ August 29, 2012
How can we survive the pounding waves of injustice? With a lifeguard!

Saving Face ♦ August 22, 2012
Mount St. Helens reminds us of God's power to overcome shame and live a new life.

A Gold Medal that Lasts ♦ August 9, 2012
Olympian athletes labor to win what is perishable. Christ won for us a different kind of prize.

God's Good & Gracious Will ♦ July 25, 2012
God’s will is not in the least tainted by the evil of the Colorado theater shootings.

Protecting Our Youth ♦ July 21, 2012
Do we believe Scripture only when psychologists discover the sexualization of children?

America's Future ♦ July 11, 2012
Every nation has an Achilles' heel- even America. Can the Bible help us survive?

Dumber than Buzzards ♦ June 21, 2012
You might be surprised by how many people are fools.

Comets Are Witnesses June 14, 2012
Dying comets testify to a young universe. The Bible testifies to this also.

Powerful Love ♦ June 6, 2012
Are you willing to risk death to save a loved one? Learn how Christ makes it so!

Firm Footing ♦ May 29, 2012
Vertigo wars against a strong foothold. Don't let the world make you dizzy!

Marshmallow Faith? ♦ May 9, 2012
Do you have a rock-solid faith or a soft, spongy faith. Take the test to find out.

Taxphobia ♦ May 3, 2012
When we've consumed worldly philosophies, guilt manipulate us. We need Christ to clear our heads.

Mirror Image ♦ April 29, 2011
Those who seek self-esteem need only to reflect upon Christ.

Sunk for Good ♦ April 12, 2012
How deep is the ocean? Christ sinks our sins even deeper.

A Documented Hero ♦ April 6, 2012 (Easter)
It's unbelievable heroism what Captain Freeman did. But what Christ did is better documented.

Our Gore-Tex God ♦ March 30, 2012
The Gore-Tex membrane is a $3 billion dollar production. Jesus is a membrane that's priceless.

Sleep Easy ♦ March 15, 2012
Good sleep is not luxury, but a necessity. So Jesus provides divine sleep aids.

What's So Wrong with Adultery March 7, 2012
If we take Jesus at face value when he promises help, what about when he condemns sin?

Goodness That Bests Hepatitis ♦ February 23, 2012
With Jesus, the past does not dictate the future. Even when the past infected us with HCV.

Will Pastors Be Jailed? ♦ February 16, 2012
Abortifacients and other related services. An executive order mandates it. God foribids it.

Dumb on Abortion No Longer ♦ February 10, 2012
Pro-abortion activists admit it's murder. Let's not be dumb about our merciful response.

Overly Physical ♦ February 2, 2012
The cinnamon challenge exposes our physical weakness for the physical.

Nawt Me ♦ January 26, 2012
The copycat-accident phenomena. Don't let it cut you off from God.

Apps Have Limits ♦ January 11, 2012
Are you a victim of planning fallacy? Here's an app that will help you.

Unused Gifts ♦ December 29, 2011
Don't be like those who leave Christmas gifts (cards) unopened.

The Wise Wait ♦ December 22, 2011 (Christmas)
When God's help seems to be slow in coming, remember Christ's coming.

Seeing the Light ♦ December 15, 2011
A modern day mystery: what power enables people to see God in a cradle?

Zucotti Lung ♦ December 1, 2011
God uses governmnet to contain filthy conditions that breed diseases.

Cortisol Vs. Christ ♦ November 23, 2011 (Thanksgiving)
How unfortunate we get stressed celebrating Thanksgiving. How unhealthy, too.

On the Cutting Edge ♦ November 17, 2011
How Christians react to a fellow Christian's public fall into heinous sin.

Joy in a Stinky Day ♦ November 10, 2011
We don't know what the next day will bring, but God has a way of preparing us for it.

Bad Parents! ♦ October 28, 20911
Parents on Facebook take the same cyber risks that teens take. Why?

Letting Go of Anger ♦ October 13, 2011
When we hold a grudge, hatred has a death grip on us.

Capital Punishment ♦ October 6, 2011
Is the death penalty a deterrent to crime? And who exactly says so?

Still Seeing Snakes ♦ September 28, 2011
We can learn to have automatic, natural behaviors. But in Christ we learn not to use them as excuses to sin.

Learning Curve ♦ September 23, 2011
It's OK to be on a learning curve. In fact, Jesus wants this for us, for life.

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