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Pastor Mike Nitz
Bethany Lutheran
Saginaw, MI  48603

Welcome to Viewpoints

Elevation provides a different perspective, a better view of our world.  And when we can look at life from Christ's elevated vantage point, that's a much-needed viewpoint.

Viewpoints is an emailed message that applies the Bible's truths to an aspect of our day-to-day world. How powerful and comforting to see Christ's cross-scarred hand pointing out what he sees from his victorious vantage point high in heaven. The scars remain in his hands to sign the truth that he really understands what life is like. But because those scars are trophied in hands now glorified in heaven, they sign the truth that he has the power to turn all things to good, as promised in Romans 8:28.

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Our latest postings...

Plundered Privacy... Or Protective Proximity ♦ May 17, 2019 
"Hey, Alexa" is nothing like "Dear Jesus"

Gray Matter Vs. Grace ♦ May 5, 2019
God's saving gift works, even with little children.

The Miracle Fabric of Righteousness ♦ April 26, 2019
And the ultimate firefighter who walked through hell for us.

The Details of Christ's Death ♦ April 19, 2019
The phrase "the devil is in the details" could not be more wrong!

Overshooting and Backtacking ♦ April 12, 2019
When going out of your way with God is not a shortcoming.

Pardon the long break to tackle some large ministry projects...

The Gift of Made-in-Heaven Confidence ♦ December 22, 2017
Christmas Message: Christmas teaches that so-called “random accidents” must serve us.

A Rescuer Like No Other ♦ September 21, 2017
What if a hurricane and an earthquake both happen simultaneously?

The Message of the Eclipse ♦ August 21, 2017
We Christians can use the eclipse to spread the Light.

A Man's Man ♦ June 20, 2017
A man's man can summit a peak, but who can blaze the summit of heaven?

Real Eternal Life ♦ June 14, 2017
Medical knowledge and Artificial Intelligence can't replace Jesus.

After a spring break, Viewpoints returns.

Saving Connectivity ♦ March 8, 2017
Jesus has a lock on us stronger than the US Army!

Blessings in Sufferings ♦ February 2, 2017
The greater life's difficulties, the greater God's blessings.

Nothing to Fear ♦ January 19, 2017
What we fear will change over time. Here's how to defeat all fears.

Forces of Nature ♦ January 13, 2017
Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to this nature's raw power.

When Life Floors Us ♦ December 21, 2016
Christmas lifts up the lowly, including those depressed by grief or guilt.

Fake News ♦ December 8, 2016
Christians aren't suprised when the news about Fake News is... fake!

The Kindest Possible Way ♦ November 19, 2016
Jesus teaches us how to judge others carefully and lovingly.

More Certain than Polls ♦ November 11, 2016
On the day before the presidential election, I already new the Final Outcome.

When Time Speeds Up ♦ November 5, 2016
Christianity is the ultimate way to slow down the passage of time.

Leaks Vs. Truth ♦ October 29, 2016
Be careful what you put into writing. And thank God he was careful.

Tracking Life's Storms ♦ October 13, 2016
We have something more protective than aircraft, buoys and satellites.

What a Friend ♦ September 21, 2016
This friend won't let you die from embarrassment.

The Truth About Truth ♦ August 25, 2016
Take refuge from distortions and fallacies: get into God's truth.

Trashed by a Trace  ♦  August 18,2016
If Olympic dreams are arrested by metabolites, what about our sins?

Olympic Inspiration ♦ August 12, 2016
Jesus inspires us to change how we race through life.

Avoiding Distraction ♦ August 2, 2016
Know how to keep your focus on Jesus.

So Close, Yet So Far ♦ June 1, 2016
Saved by grace through faith alone in Jesus. Nothing else comes close.

Sensual Extortion ♦ May 25, 2016
Everyone who tries to sin "safely" eventually becomes owned.

Surviving Political Implosion ♦ April 22, 2016
We learn from Daniel how to survive these treacherous times.

Crucifixion Horror? ♦ March 30, 2016
Yes, Christ's crucifixion was horrible, but then there's the empty tomb!

Freedom from Groupthink ♦ February 25, 2016
Jesus frees us from the psychological bent that killed a little dolphin.

Fuel For Whatever You Face ♦ February 18, 2016
A C-135 Stratotanker is a lifeline. Even greater is the God who leads you.

Study Star Wars or Scripture? ♦ February 5, 2016
Studying the details of scripture is not a trivial matter.

Prayer Warriors ♦ January 15, 2016
At 2:00 am thousands began to naturally do what's supernatural.

Christmas Has Its Blemishes ♦ January 6, 2016
How do you react when your picture-perfect moments are ruined?

Caught by Unexpected Change ♦ December 18, 2015
Technology changes. Policies are recalibrated. But God's Word is constant.

Was Hitler a Christian? ♦ December 10, 2015
Ignorance about Hitler is rampant. Ignorance about Christianity is worse.

Smartphones that Spread Sickness ♦  November 10, 2015
Only the Great Physician can save us from the sinful use of smartphones.

Celestial Navigation ♦ October 31, 2015
The Navy learned the value of celestial navigation, yet the Bible's is better.

A Friend Above Friends ♦ October 12, 2015
This friend hears our tears even when they silently wet a pillow at night.

Regretting A Rush to Judgment  ♦  October 1, 2015
When we selfishly jump to conclusions, Jesus is ready to catch us in his forgiving love.

When God Bugs Us  ♦ September 24, 2015
If it takes bugs to keep us focused on Christ, our loving God will use them.

When Waiting Is Worth It  ♦  September 4, 2015
Although we humans frequently jump the gun, God's timing is perfect.

God Uses Evildoers ♦ August 28, 2015
God is more than masterful to use one evildoer to punish another.

Website Hack Vs. The Bible ♦ August 23, 2015
Millions of people who mocked the Bible are paying the price.

Pieces of What? ♦  August 14, 2015
It's so obvious, even an athiest sees it: Life begins in the womb.

After a summer break, Viewpoints returns.

Vigilance for the 4th  ♦  July 4, 2015  (Indpendence Day Weekend message)
May the Savior empower us to live in defiance of the enemy!

Traditional Marriage: Biblical and Logical ♦ June 20, 2015
Will the Supreme Court see the real agenda behind gay marriage?

Antidote for Stress ♦ June 4, 2015
Find a good shepherd to reduce the stress of our modern world.

Lies and More Lies ♦ May 22, 2015
How lies kill and what be done to stop the killing.

Favortism and Partiality ♦ May 8, 2015
How does a NFL rule have bigger consequences than federal law?

Salt's Healing Propeties ♦ April 29, 2015
The majority of people are spiritually suffocating. We're their healing salt.

His Rising is Not a Fish Story ♦ April 19, 2015
Have you lost something you feel is gone forever? Jesus will surprise you.

In Search of Anomaly Zero ♦ April 10, 2015 (Easter Message)
An anomaly most call insignificant moved Jesus to rise from the Dead.

Ticket of Fortune ♦ April 3, 2015 (Easter Message)
In her numbness, she had almost discarded her ticket of fortune.

Imposter Syndrome ♦ March 22, 2015
The more you trust Jesus, the less you'll be afflicted by this syndrome.

Sleep Cleaning ♦ March 5, 2015
Sleep talking. Sleep walking. Sleep cleaning. One is critical for life.

Spelunking Scripture ♦ February 23, 2015
Crawl through the passages of the Bible to explore cavernous treasure!

Wall Penetrating Vision ♦ February 10, 2015
GASE technology reveals what's happening in the most secret of places.

Godly Resolutions ♦ January 12, 2015
Are your New Year's resolutions already toast?

"For Those I Love" ♦ December 26, 2014 (Christmas message 2)
The sentiments in God's heart are not simply inked onto his skin.

Scarier Than Santa ♦ December 19, 2014 (Christmas message 1)
The alarming angels rained earth with an amazing message.

Jealous No More ♦ December 12, 2014
The one most disgusted with humanity's self-love saves us from it.

Better Than Self-Esteem ♦ October 30, 2014
You can't see your true self by looking in the mirror. Thank God!

Increasing Productivity ♦ October 22, 2014
Here's a new productivity technique. But it's not the real gospel.

Man's Best Friend ♦ October 1, 2014
We will tell and retell the story of our best friend.

How Fast Do You Read? ♦ September 25, 2014
The benefits of taking time to slowly read your Bible

Is Crowd Behavior Bending You? ♦ September 18, 2014
Stand up, stand still, stand strong for what is good... (like witnessing to gays).

Handling the Unknown  ♦  September 5, 2014
The Lord promises that there's no reason to fear the Unknown.

Double Standard ♦ August 23, 2014
Ferguson, MO reminds us how we labor under the world’s double standard.

Comfort Eating ♦ August 13, 2014
To deal with stress, why not replace your comfort eating with this.

Sleep Like a Baby ♦ August 2, 2014
Trying to get a good night's sleep can tire you out. Here’s David’s secret.

Why Wars Continue ♦ June 19, 2014
God knows that we need help remembering "I’m but a stranger here."

Unfair Prisoner Exchange? ♦ June 6, 2014
The price to free a captured soldier compared to Christ's Great Exchange

Christ Doesn't Give Diplomas ♦ May 23, 2014
There's a reason no one graduates from the Christian faith.

Are You a Rebounder? ♦  May 2, 2014
The Ultimate Rebounder knows how to work a comeback in your life. 

Easter Greetings: Purpose in Life ♦ April 19, 2014
What if you knew that your purpose in life extends beyond the grave?

The Oddity of Rebirth ♦ April 5, 2014
God didn't consult us about how children are made and saved.

More than Meets the Eye ♦ March 21, 2014
Can Crimea lead to our collapse? There's One who knows and controls.

Human Nature on Display ♦ March 7, 2014
Trying to suppress the truth about sin only magnifies the need for Jesus.

There's No "I" in "Team" ♦ February 21, 2014
Lessons from the Winter Olympics lead us to rejoice in our Head, Jesus.

Why Evolutionists Fear Debate ♦ February 6, 2014
If evolutionary theory is the truth, why the reluctance to debate it?

An Evolutionist Has Problems ♦ February 1, 2014
Meet a Nobel Prize winner struggling to believe in evolution.

Harmonic Convergence ♦ January 16, 2014
This world can't satisfy the soul's longing for spiritual power. Christ does.

A New Year's Procession ♦ January 10, 2014
Resolution are good, but not enough. Jesus offers a New Year's procession.

Microdelivery... (Christmas) ♦  December 13, 2013
God's not showing off his superior scientific skills. He's delivering salvation.

Crazy Antics ♦ December 6, 2013
God is not an accomplice to evil when he permits a plague.

A Salty Thanksgiving ♦ November 26, 2013
Will your Thanksgiving table be blessed with salty words?

Fools  ♦ November 15, 2013
If we think too highly of ourselves we may earn this title.

What is a Lie? ♦ November 8, 2013
Defining a lie is the easy part. But escaping a lie's results takes Christ.

Handling Cruelty ♦ October 31, 2013
In Christ we can keep cruelty from disrupting our lives.

A Digital Tower of Babel ♦ October 18, 2013
The new health care system reminds us of why we need Christ.

Persecution Persists ♦ October 11, 2013
Why do we love a world that persecutes our faith?

A Brush with Bees? ♦ October 5, 2013
God blesses us when we don't remember that he does.

Of Ducks and Bibles ♦ September 13, 2013
The media portrays a nation that's Bible-less. Not so!

Miley Cyrus, What Did You Do? ♦  September 3, 2013
The social norming that toppled Miley Cyrus can also topple us.

Data Collecting ♦ August 23, 2013
There's one situation where I don't mind all my data being collected.

Inexhaustible Energy ♦ August 9, 2013
Are we depleting our supply of fossil fuels? Listen to The Authority.

Dealing with Distractions ♦ August 2, 2013
When life drives us into multitasking, Jesus sets the parking brake.

Burned Twice! ♦ June 21, 2013
Wildfires can leave people getting burned twice. Be careful it’s not you.

Small Potatoes, Not! ♦ June 14, 2013
Why translating the Bible is more important than the scandals in Washington

Vetting the Media ♦ June 4, 2013
It sounds alluring that there are more "Breadwinner Moms." But beware the media spin!

Behind the Bloody Attack ♦ May 24, 2013
With the help of God's promises, we can see behind a gruesome murder.

Murphy's Law Vs. God's Word ♦ May 16, 2013
Murphy's Law describes our world's proclivity toward imperfection. Good thing it can't touch God's Word.

Despair No More ♦ May 2, 2013
Jesus' forgiveness cures despair. And it may surprise us to see how Jesus deepens the reality of his forgiveness.

The Placebo Effect ♦ April 26, 2013
"The Bible has sugar-coated, empty words that fake people into feeling better." Is this what you think?

Pressure Cooker Truths ♦ April 19, 2013
The Boston Marathon terrorists used pressure cooker bombs. Who else uses pressure cookers in sinful ways?

Abortion's Pain ♦ April 12, 2013
Christ, who carried the pain of abortion also gives the peace of a new life.

Bleeding Paintings (Easter Message) ♦ March 27, 2013
Meet a man whose paintings bleed the stories of Christ's forgiveness.

Peer Pressure2 ♦ March 13, 2013
The influence others have over us is sometimes sickening. The antidote is spiritual medicine.

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