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Bethany Lutheran Church & Early Childhood Ministry - Saginaw, MI

(989) 793-9579
5051 McCarty Road
(at the corner of Center & McCarty)

Saginaw, MI  48603


Visitation Team
Welcome to the form that's used to report a Friendly Visit you made on behalf of our congregation. Please note that you will need to repeat this process for each visit you made.
1. Please enter your first and last name.*
2A. Type the first and last name of the prospect you went to visit.*
2B. Date of your visit in month/day/year format please (for example, 10/5/2013).*
3. Enter the prospect's street address (i.e., 5051 McCarty Rd).
4. What response did you receive at the door?*
 a) No one answered; left packet at door.
 b) An adult answered (specify more next question)
 c) A child answered (specify more next question)
5. With whom did you primarily speak?*
 a) Mr.
 b) Mrs.
 c) Both Mr. and Mrs.
 d) Teen
 e) Baby sitter
 f) Other person
 g) Not home; left packet at door
6. Add any significant details to describe with whom you spoke (if applicable).
7. Describe the greeting given to you.*
 a) Not home; left packet at door.
 b) Hot and eager reception
 c) Warm and polite reception
 d) Confused reception
 e) Cold and uncomfortable reception
8. What was the length of your visit?*
 a) Not home; left packet at door.
 b) 2 minutes or less
 c) 3-5 minutes
 d) more than 5 minutes
9. Advise pastor: how quickly should another visit be made to this prospect?*
 a) Not home; left packet at door.
 b) Another visit as soon as possible.
 c) Wait 2 weeks and visit again.
 d) Wait 4 weeks and visit again.
 e) Not a priority at this time.
10. Whom do you recommend for a next visit?*
 a) Not home; left packet at door.
 b) I / we can make a visit again.
 c) Not me / us but a different team.
 d) This home needs a very experienced team.
 e) Best suited for pastor.
11. Any comments or suggestions (optional).

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